Creative Thinking for Business bridges the gaps in 5-key areas of your business growth program to create a clear path to greater profitability

The 5-Key Areas of Business Growth

  • The 5-key areas of business growth include:
  • 1) Marketing, 2) the system of selling, 3) client relationship management, 4) the internet, and 5) your business brand
  • A slight improvement of just 10% in each area can grow your business by 50%

When you bridge the gaps in these 5-key areas with your business growth program, you'll gain consistent growth when you follow the process every year.

“I have spent 20 years in marketing and advertising as an art director, designer, and illustrator, but promoting myself has always been a weak spot for me. Hiring Bill was money very well spent. I have realized my passion, solidified my message, and am taking action that so far produced fantastic results in an amazingly short time. Hats off to Bill Gluth.”

-Everette Davidson, Art Director, Illustrator, and American Surrealist

“Realizing I had hit a plateau with my business, I brought Bill on-board to kick things (and more accurately, me) to a higher level. Through his guidance and ability to cut through excuses, we rebuilt and refocused my business. In the process, new opportunities opened into natural areas that complemented what I was already doing.”

-Mike Klassen, Voiceover Talent

“You have brought life back into the business and have given me valuable, life-changing tools to make this business work. The greatest part of all is that it wasn’t that hard to do! I feel like I was a caterpillar in its cocoon. Now I have begun to transform into a butterfly. These new wings have given me a new perspective on my business. I feel like a new person.”

-Megan Eldridge, Scribble 2 Script

“Bill has helped me develop a sales process campaign for getting new prospects. I’m very excited because I’m getting results beyond my expectations! He not only helped me design the campaign and the process, but Bill has been instrumental in helping me stay focused on it. Without Bill’s help, I never would have gotten where I am in the process. I also would not have known what works, so I could repeat it.”

-Jeffrie Story, Unleash Your Sales DNA

History and Mission

Founded in 2001, Bill Gluth, Founder of Creative Thinking for Business believes that small business is the future of work and the American Economy.

Our mission is to help small, service-based businesses and entrepreneurs to remain healthy, vital, and stay on a steady growth track.

We accomplish this mission by using a systematic business growth foundation that focuses on the 5-key areas of every business growth program. They include; marketing, the selling system, client relationship management, the internet, and business brand. 

This step-by-step process evolves as the business growth needs of every client we work with continue to grow and is a foundational element of the Creative Thinking for Business strategy.