Creative Thinking for Business bridges the gaps in 5-key areas of your business growth program to create a clear path to greater profitability

About Us

I’m a business growth consultant whose sole mission is to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to be more effective when starting or growing their businesses.

I help my clients fix their marketing and business growth challenges by showing them how to create a bridge between the 5-key growth areas of growing any business.

If you are having issues with marketing or growing your business, reach out and connect.

For over 20-years, I’ve dedicated myself to helping businesses grow through workflow optimization and contemporary marketing and business growth strategies.

My five-step process addresses marketing, the system of selling, client relationship management, the internet, and the power of the business brand.

By achieving just 10% to 20% improvement in each of these five areas, my clients see 50% to 100% revenue growth.


Creative Thinking for Business also partners with outstanding resources for small business owners. From workflow management to software that helps you manage the 5-key areas of business growth. We can show you how to solve challenges that are hampering your business growth program today.