Over the years, I’ve noticed that small business owners frequently feel confused and overwhelmed by small business success strategies. Many wonders, “What am I missing? What’s keeping my business stuck where it is instead growing to where I want it to be?

There many competing ideas available for growing a small business. Just a simple online search can become overwhelming quickly.

It seems like marketing is more like the ‘flavor of the day’ than a repeatable process.

As a small business owner, no matter what size your business is:

  • Your Vision (the reason for the business) is yours alone.
  • Your Mission (the value you add and difference you make) changes lives
  • Your Goal is to achieve both the Vision and Mission and make the difference only you can make.
  • By growing your business, you create employment. You are the future of work and the American economy.

You are in the trenches, building success in a business of your creation one day at a time.

As we stand today, big companies with multi-million-dollar start-up costs are out.

People with talent and ideas, who are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives are leading the way in the world of small business.

To create working small business success strategies, you’ll want to follow four simple principles to ensure:

  • Your small business is visible in the market
  • Your message is heard and responded to by the people who most benefit.

Small business success depends on four basic principles

The reason small business success strategies seem overwhelming is that you don’t have a clear path developed. Define where you want your business to go based on where you are now to servicing your “ideal clients.”

Here are four proven small business success strategies to put you on the right track.

Strategy One: Start with a Strategy First approach.

By putting “Strategy before tactics,” you can devise a point of differentiation that lets you focus on attracting and converting your ideal clients.

Strategy Two: Develop a marketing message that allows your business to stand out in a crowded market.

Develop a message that differentiates your business. Your marketing message demonstrates how you can solve your “ideal client’s” most significant problems and challenges.

The right message is your greatest competitive advantage.

Strategy Three: Narrow your focus to attract only your ideal client.

By identifying and focusing on a narrowly defined “ideal client,” you can more readily communicate the value your business offers. It focuses only on the “ideal clients” your business is perfectly suited to serve.

This will allow you to stop chasing dead-end clients who are not a good fit for the services or products your business offers.

Strategy Four: Have a marketing system that gives you control over your marketing message, channels, and budget.

Build small business success strategies around a proven marketing and business development system. Then rely on using marketing tactics and platforms that make sense for your business. This ensures the greatest return on marketing investment (ROI).

Small business owners are primed to accept their place in business history.

Your success creates employment.

Your success impacts your community.

Your success provides value to a small group who have a compelling reason to care.

Your business impacts people’s lives. That’s something a large business could never offer.

Thank you for stepping up to become a difference-maker.

Your courage and commitment to changing lives, one “ideal client” at a time, is the ultimate difference you can make with personalized small business success strategies.

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