When you consider the question of small business owners, you’re looking at far more than a title or role.

You see passion and commitment. You’re asking to understand a mindset that drives a need to make a difference in the lives of others.

Small business owners have a vision and genuine passion for achieving more in life through their business.

The majority will stop at nothing to reach their goal of a business that matters to them, their community, and the people they serve.

What is the mindset of a small business owner?

Small business owners generally embrace a mindset that supports a vision of serving others.

For some reason, at one point in most small business owners’ lives, a life-changing event of some sort occurred.

This event caused the soon-to-be business owner to look deep within.

The business owner went on a journey of self-discovery. They learned about their earnest desire to contribute to other people’s lives using knowledge, a talent, or interest they possessed.

A small business owner is at the company’s helm and began their venture due to a vision of an impact they can make for others.

You’ll also find mindset resiliency, and a never quit, always strive to move forward attitude.

They often encounter hurdles in their business. The strength of mind to overcome these challenges and find a “new way” are all part of the makeup of who small business owners are, at their core.

Here’s why small business owners do what they do.

The majority of successful small business owners who make a significant impact in their industry have two things in common.

  1. A vision that drives them to relate to a difference they can make in the world.
  2. They feel they must achieve a mission as part of their purpose in their industry or life.

When you ask who are small business owners, you find unrelenting determination that revolves around living their vision and achieving the business’s mission in an impactful way.

It’s what drives them to overcome obstacles and continue to move forward despite challenges that arise.

They want to impact many people’s lives and are often consumed with how they can take the next steps to serve more people, resulting in reaching growth goals in their business.

Small business owners do what they do to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. They enjoy the feeling of achievement and the pride of accomplishment for a job well done.

What are small business owners seeking in work and life?

No matter what industry they are in, I’ve seen small business owners strive for three things over the years.

  1. A balance between work and life
  2. Satisfaction of a job well done and a business that stands out
  3. Profit but with the freedom to choose how the show is run

I have not met a small business owner who wants a boss. The dream sometimes starts by firing the boss and strike out on their own.

While small business owners have a vision and mission that drives them, they also want to balance their lives and business.

Often, especially starting or when experiencing tremendous growth, balance is the first thing that suffers.

Lack of balance between life and work (all work and no play syndrome) is a symptom. It’s a sign that it’s time to reevaluate the systems and processes that run the business and service clients.

Often, there is a gap between the work that needs to be done and the work the business owner excels at doing.

To regain balance, the business owner must have a team assembled to handle the areas they are not strong in.

Team members who handle areas like:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Client relationship management
  • Administrative work
  • Bookkeeping

Satisfaction of a job well done and a business that stands out and makes a difference are two vital factors of small business owners at their core. Business owners LOVE IT when they see their clients served well. 

They strive to improve lives and find no greater satisfaction than hearing clients say that they made a difference and delivered tremendous value.  

Small business owners also like to run the show. They have an instinctive ability to know what needs to be done to deliver their service or create their product in an impactful way.  

They want to build six or seven-figure businesses, [LINK TO https://creativethinkingforbusiness.com/how-to-grow-a-small-business/] but they want to create that revenue in a way they choose. They want to profit but with the freedom to do things their way. 

However, the profit with freedom desire can have a dark side.  

We know that small business owners are leaders and not followers. Sometimes that can be to their detriment when knowledge gaps exist.  

Knowledge gaps are costly in both time and money. However, they are overcome efficiently with the right support team in marketing, sales, administration, and finance in place.

Can anyone become a small business owner?

In theory, yes. But in practice, no.

I have seen people start small businesses when a career that inspires them in someone else’s business would be a better fit.

There can still great satisfaction being a key team member in a successful business.

Ask yourself if the risk of small business is unsettling?

Do you find that having the final word on decisions intimidating?

Is being the final decision-maker on how marketing is handled and sales are made frightening to you?

If you answered yes, then pursuing a career as a key member of a well-developed team can be a better option.


Since 2001, I’ve been honored to support and guide small business owners. Together we’ve taken a deeper dive into understanding their impact on their clients, the value they provide, and the financial worth of that value.

That’s my mission. I value small business because I know that now, more than ever before, small business is the future of work in the world today.

If you’re a small business owner at a crossroads, I’m happy to sit down, get acquainted, and talk about your business, vision, mission, and position in the marketplace today.

You can set a time to talk about how you can create a clear path to greater profitability for your business. I invite you to schedule a one-to-one meeting.

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